Nova 3 Wheel All Terrain 8” Wheel

Nova 3 Wheel All Terrain 8” Wheel Walker

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FEATURES: The Traveler is the ideal walker for
maneuvering diverse and small spaces, is super easy
to fold in just seconds and stays in a folded standard
position. It comes with a tray, large zippered storage
pouch and basket.
WHEELS & BRAKES: Equipped with All-Terrain 8"
rubber wheels with a 1 3/4" wide base, NOVA's wheels
are durable, great for indoor and outdoor use. It is
easy to engage the brake with a small grip and
minimal hand strength. Parking or locking the brakes
takes just a gentle push downward on the lever and a
pull upwards to release.
TRAY & STORAGE: Comes with a tray, basket and
zippered pouch which are all removable. The tray is
ideal for transporting food and small items such as a
cell phone. The large basket and zippered pouch
provide lots of storage for personal items.
SPECIFICATIONS: Approximate user height of 5'4" -
6’2”; Weight Capacity is 250 lb.; Walker weight is 16.5
lb.; Handle height adjustable from 33.25"-37"; Width
between handles: 12"; Overall dimensions: 23.5"W x
24.5”D x 37”H